Who is the ghostwriter?

The Ghost writer is someone who writes books in the name of those who commission them

He is the one who takes care of thinking about a publishing project, of doing research. He also takes care of viewing the material and organizing it in a publication that can find a right place on the market. Furthermore, it is the consultant who shapes the client’s thoughts in a coherent and, above all, as if he had written them.

Writing a book is a huge commitment: those who don’t do it by trade often do not have enough time and resources to devote to this activity, being taken up by daily commitments.

But a book is an important goal: it can be a dream come true if you have a story to tell, or a great marketing and prestige tool, for example, if you have a company and want to use it in your professional environment.

Do not miss the opportunity to achieve such an important goal just because:

  • you do not have time
  • you feel bad about sitting for hours at the computer
  • English has never been your favorite subject
  • For these reasons, and for many others, there are ghost writers!

If you are looking for a qualified and experienced ghost writer, contact us. You will find the right service for your needs. We guarantee professionalism, discretion and speed.

We at ProgettoLibro have been working in the field of writing and communication for several years. We have therefore accumulated writing experience in various sectors, from professional to narrative.

We want to put our experience at the service of your project, helping you not only to write a valuable work, organizing its structure, contents, writing, but also following you in the next step: the publication.

For this purpose we avail ourselves of a serious and competent publishing house, Edizioni Terra Marique: we are certain that in a series of this publishing house your book will find the right place.

Here are our suggestions:

  • From your idea to the novel
  • Autobiography
  • BiographyFrom your idea to the novel

When you have a story to tell and a novel to write
Would you like to write a book, but you don’t feel ready or don’t have enough time to devote to your ambitious project?
Entrust us with your story: one of our ghost writers will write it in your name, interpreting your narrative style to transform your idea into a publishable novel.

But don’t worry, we are discreet and professional and we guarantee the renunciation of the authorship of the texts, which you can always have at your disposal. Your idea is in excellent hands.


  • Do you want to leave your life story and your autobiography to your children and grandchildren?
  • If you have notes, documents, parts already written about your autobiography.
  • Or if you want to write the story of your life, maybe make it a real book, but you don’t know where to start.
  • Or, instead, if you have already written it and now you need someone to help you fix it, turn it into a book for you and your loved ones, in any case know that you have something precious in your hands.

Trust us: one of our consultants will help you realize your dream of writing an autobiography, giving shape and substance to your notes, or writing your story, making it a book for you and your loved ones.


We are interested in the biography of famous people, but also of simple people, whose life deserves to be told for courage, for the strength of will that characterized it.

If you know that an elder or any other member of your family has a diary in the drawer, hand-written notebooks, or scattered notes that it would be good to collect and organize before they are lost, entrusted to us.

We will take care of this precious material, also photographic, that you will provide us with: we will transcribe it, organize it, and make it, if you like, a real book.